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Qiqi Huang is an experienced attorney serving the legal needs of the various immigrant communities.  We accept all immigration cases and, on a referral basis, other types of legal cases such as personal injury, worker’s compensation, and family law.  Please call today for a free consultation to determine your legal needs and we will help you to personally determine the best way to proceed.


We have extensive experience in employment-based and business-related immigration cases. Many of our clients are distinguished researchers and scientists with advanced degrees, looking to obtain their green cards through special self-petition processes or employer-sponsored applications processes.   We also accept family immigration, non-immigration visa, asylum, naturalization, and immigration appeal cases.


We are committed to provide the highest quality legal service in a cost-effective, and accessible manner.  An attorney will handle your case not some paralegals or law clerks.


We recognize that many immigration cases also require collaboration between multiple practice areas, such as criminal law or family law.  We have cooperative relationship with many excellent attorneys in different areas of the law.  Through teamwork, the attorneys can ensure that your case benefits from the combined experiences of all attorneys.


We provide dedicated immigration legal service to new and old immigrants throughout the US or even around the world.  We have office located in the Chicago area.


Last but not least our fees are very reasonable.  We recognize that many immigrants may have limited financial resources, and we strive to provide high quality and professional legal services that are also affordable. 


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